Lets Talk About…Oats

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The humble little oat. They are something I eat a lot of and I feel like they don’t get the respect they need.

In today’s modern world we are constantly talking about ‘super-foods’, wonderful glorious foods packed to the brim with good stuff. But I think we tend to forget about our trusty little soldiers doing their good thing every day.

Oats come in many varieties, rolled oats, quick oats, porridge oats, steel-cut oats, oatmeal, you can ground them into oat flour…I could go on and on! However my favorite has to be the simple wholegrain rolled oat.

Oats are packed full of goodness, here are just some of the reasons why they are a super-food in my eyes,

  • Fiber! Oats are bursting with fiber. I don’t really need to explain why we need fiber in our diets do I…???
  • They keep you feeling fuller for longer making them a great breakfast food. Add them to your morning smoothie to keep you full and energized until lunch.
  • Oats contain antioxidants. Yup that’s right, its not just the mighty berries you should look to when you want an antioxidant boost. Oats contain a group of antioxidants called avenanthramides which is believed to protect against heart disease.
  • Oats can lower your blood cholesterol levels. This is because of their high amounts of beta-glucans.
  • Oats are high in manganese, phosphorus, copper, vitamin B1, iron, zinc and many other vitamins and minerals essential in a healthy diet.

So what are my favorite ways to eat this mighty super-food?? I don’t just enjoy oats at breakfast time, I love making slices and energy bars out of oats to snack on during the day, or baking them in the oven with a little honey and coconut sugar until they are brown then eating them with stewed apples for dessert.

And of course I love making them into granola and enjoying them for breakfast topped with oat milk, yup that’s right oats can even be made into plant-based milk!! They really are a truly versatile little grain.


Check out my previous post for my no-fail extra nutritious homemade granola if you haven’t already.

Whats your favorite way to eat oats?? Leave me a comment and let me know.



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