My Favourite Teas

Hi, my name is Nicole, and I am a tea addict.

I am a massive tea junkie. My tea cupboard is bursting with different flavours of herbal and green teas. Β I just love the ritual of making and enjoying tea. It relaxes me when I’m feeling stressed and brings me back to a state of calm and peace. I love loose leaf teas, but I definitely love the convenience of tea bags. Today I am going to share my current favourite teas with you.



Dilmah ~ Rose with French Vanilla

This tea is just gorgeous. It is truly divine and I feel a little bit posh when drinking it. The taste is very rosey with the perfect hint of vanilla and is very refreshing. It comes in the cutest triangle tea bags that make you feel like your really pampering yourself.

Dilmah ~ Green Tea with Jasmine

Green tea is just the bomb isn’t it?! I love drinking it anytime of the day. I especially love this dilmah blend with jasmine. It’s the perfect cup of tea to sit down and relax with in the afternoon.

Tip Of The Day ~ Add cold water to the mug before pouring in the hot water to avoid the bitter taste that you can sometimes get with green tea.

Chanui ~ Peppermint

Chanui is a New Zealand brand that always impress me with their quality teas. This tea has such a strong, crisp peppermint flavour and is just heavenly. It’s super refreshing and great for your digestion.

Red Seal ~ Mi-Chai

This is my current obsession! Once I had my first cup I was hooked, and a 25 pack is defiantly not big enough! It is the perfect warming tea on a drizzly late winters day. Mixed with just a dash of oat milk it is truly delightful.

Do you have a favourite tea? Let me know, I’m always on the hunt for new teas to try.

Have a beautiful day xx




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