The Kai Box // Review

I got an exciting package this weekend! I ordered my first Kai Box.

The Kai Box is a whole food plant based food delivery service based in Auckland New Zealand that delivers nation wide. Check out their website here for more information.

I ordered the 4 day Kai Box which has 4 meals that feed 4 people. My household consists of just myself and my Fiancé (along with our fur baby, but this food was to good to share with her!) so we had enough food for 4 dinners and leftovers for lunch the next day which was awesome as we both have pretty busy schedules at the moment!!

When I opened the box that arrived on Sunday night I was greeted by a whole bunch of fresh organic veges and pre-measured amounts of rice, quinoa and cous cous, almonds, spices and a few tins of chickpeas, black beans and corn, everything I needed to create the four delicious plant based meals. It also came with the recipes for each meal and the list of pantry staples (things such as soy sauce, oil, tahini, salt & pepper etc).

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Meal 1 – Kumara Tagine


On Monday night we had this beautiful kumara tagine. I have had dishes similar to this in the past and they have been a bit hit and miss, but this was the perfect balance of savory to sweet! All of the flavours married together beautifully to create an extremely delicious and filling dish. We also had plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day too.


Meal 2 – Teriyaki Mushrooms on Soba Noodles


Yum! This dish was the surprise dish out of the lot. When I first read the recipe and it said to bake the mushrooms in the teriyaki sauce I was a little perplexed. But once everything was cooked it was just beautiful! The mushrooms soaked up all of the delicious teriyaki flavour! We only had enough for one leftover lunch which was a little disappointing but the taste made up for it.

Meal 3 – Goodness Bowl


This was my favourite meal out of all 4! It was yummy and filling and everything you want in a mid-week dinner. The chickpeas were sauteed in spices, the kumara and yams roasted and the quinoa cooked with vege stock to give it an extra flavour boost. Served with baby kale and a tahini dressing it was absolutely superb! As you can see by the picture I had an extra big bowl of it!

Meal 4 – Mexican Red Rice & Black Bean Salad


This was such a quick, easy, no-fuss meal! I can see myself making this to take to BBQ’s in the summer. All the cooking that was required was the red rice and everything else got thrown in at the end! It was topped with a chipotle dressing that was just scrummy!! It made a huge bowl, definitely enough for leftovers the next day.


Will I Repurchase???

I already have! 🙂

I loved this box so much that I have already ordered next weeks one! It is a perfect way to cope with weekday dinners when Uni gets hectic and I don’t have time to plan every meal. I won’t purchase this every week as I do love creating my own meals in the kitchen, but for times when life gets busy I will be purchasing it for sure! I would definitely recommend it to anyone in NZ who is after wholesome no-fuss meals.




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