Weekly Meal Planning

I find planning my meals out in advance to be such a money and time saver! Every weekend I sit down with a cup of tea, my cookbooks and myΒ pinterest board open and decide what we are going to eat for the week.


I started doing this about 6 months ago when I started feeling frustrated with how much food we were throwing out each week. By planning our meals and only buying what we need we cut the amount of money we were spending on food dramatically and also ate better!

I made this ‘weekly meal planner’ to help myself get organised, and it definitely helps!!

I have included my meal planner here for you to use to, if you right click on the image and click ‘save image as’ you can save it to your computer and print off to use πŸ™‚

weekly meal planner.jpg

I start by deciding which recipes I want to make for dinners each night by flicking through my cookbooks. I write them into the menu section then I go through each recipe and write down the exact ingredients I need for them. I always divide my grocery list into these sections as it makes the shopping trip so much quicker and stops me having to go up and down the isles when I forget something!!!


I then write down anything else we need for the week and I’m done! We always cook enough dinner to have for lunch the next day but if you don’t do this you can simply write in the menu section what you plan to have for lunch that day too.

Β Having a menu each week and all the ingredients to make the meals has meant we are eating a lot better too! We are less likely to grab a cheeky take-away and we always have food for lunches too!


Overall this simple piece of paper has changed the way we eat for the better! If you haven’t tried it you have to give it a go!!!

Do you have any other money saving tips for meal planning?? Leave me a comment and let me know πŸ™‚



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